From Those Wonderful Guys Who Discovered The World is a boutique production house within the Molotov Group, staying small yet taking advantage of the group's resources, such as discounts, contacts and databases.

With more than 20 years experience of filming in Portugal, you will find our professional and bilingual team both resourceful and innovative.

Based in Lisbon, we have produced films all over the world, especially in countries like Brazil, Angola, São Tomé, Cape Verde, Madeira and the Azores.
It will be a privilege to share with you the variety of fantastic locations this small, but beautiful, country has to offer.

Now it’s your turn to discover.

​Photos by Bruno Gil

Our team consists of highly skilled international industry professionals from South Africa, Portugal and Germany who have been producing films in Portugal since 1990.

You will benefit from our relationships with local service providers as we, with 4 in-house directors, produce for the Portuguese as well as International Markets.
Photos  by Bruno Gil


Portugal, Madeira and the Azores offer an unbelievable variety of locations.

State–of–the–art modern offices and homes, industrial architecture, world famous museum architecture, idyllic lakes, freeways and country roads, mountains, forests, deserted beaches, harbors, castles and palaces of various eras, historic villages and towns and much more. From Those Wonderful Guys WHo DIscovered The World has a vast database of images from locations all over Portugal

Portugal being such a small country, locations are generally easy to get to, cutting down on travel time.


With a host of talent agencies here in Portugal we offer a great variety of models from various nationalities.


With more than 3,000 hours of sunshine per year Portugal offers an ideal climate for filming.